Warm Greetings from Alpha!!!

It is with great joy that I make use of this opportunity to address you through this message. The past few months starting from March 2020 have been truly testing times for all of us and especially for students, parents, schools and colleges. The pandemic has thrown out of gear the usual rhythm of class, study, exam, and a whole lot of campus activities, which students love so much.

It is my humble and strong opinion that education is the most important tool to change one’s life. Education determines the quality of an individual’s life and improves a person’s knowledge, skill, personality and attitude. Each and every child irrespective of caste, creed, social status or financial status has the right to be educated. I deem it as my own duty and the duty of the society which includes parents and teachers to make it our foremost responsibility to ensure that every child receives this education across all barriers and limitations.

Due to Covid 19 restrictions online classes have been the best option, although online classes are in no way a substitute for the far richer experience of learning through a wholehearted participation in campus life. At this juncture it is with pleasure that I appreciate the cooperation extended by our dear parents during this lockdown time by taking trouble to follow up their children’s academic progress through online.

I would like to express my appreciation to the Principal and all our dear teachers for their tireless efforts and dedicated endeavors at making this totally new online teaching concept a success. It has been a learning process for our teachers too. Our teachers work in teams to learn new platforms and apps, updating and improvising themselves every day in the process. May God bless their efforts and make them fruitful.

The Management and staff will constantly strive to deliver the best. The total wellbeing, safety, security, intellectual development and the building up of inner strengths and character of our students takes precedence over everything else. Hence let us all work together with a strong sense of shared responsibility, acting always in the best interests of our dear students. Everyone knows that we are living through  difficult times. While waiting for the lock down to end, let us not lose hope but keep moving forward with confidence and positivity.

God Bless You! Stay home, Stay safe, Stay blessed always!